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Services and Fees: Services

Evaluation and Follow Up

Is geography an issue?  Are my office hours not convenient with your work schedule?  Do you just need a quick follow-up to make sure you are on the right path or need some simple progressions for your home program? 

I offer Telehealth consultations using HIPPAA approved so that we can talk "face to face" in a personal way.  May not be helpful for more complex diagnoses, but we can work together on figuring that out!

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY) is for any individual interested in yoga! Whether you want to learn the foundations of yoga poses, are recovering from an injury or want to get more out of your existing practice, Queen City Pelvic PT works with you on your personal goals and tailors each session for you.

The therapeutic benefits MTY include pain reduction and improvements in strength, mobility and body awareness both on the mat and in your daily routine. It is also helpful for those with persistent pain who are seeking a way to return to movement. 

Group Seminars

Q&A Seminar

Whether you are part of a mom's group, an exercise group, a retirement community, or a group of friends, Queen City Pelvic PT can offer seminars on the following topics (not limited to):

Bladder fitness

Managing pelvic pain

Pelvic awareness with exercise

Postpartum Wellness and Fitness

Improving Continence

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

 I view each client as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. You deserve proper care and attention for your concerns. Your evaluation includes a comprehensive history intake, education on anatomy and physiology, an orthopedic assessment, and a pelvic examination. A personalized home program and treatment plan will be initiated on your first visit. 


 After your evaluation,  follow up sessions may include, but are not limited to, manual therapy, biofeedback, therapeutic exercise and progression of your personalized home program. We'll work together to holistically address your concerns.

Telehealth Visit

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