As your partner in healthcare, Queen City Pelvic PT is responding to the current situation regarding COVID-19. Your health and safety will always be my top priority and I am taking precautions to protect us all during this time.


Freedom to exercise, work, and play!

Freedom to live without pelvic pain!

Freedom to improve bladder control!

Freedom to enjoy pain-free sex!

Freedom to manage constipation!

Queen City Pelvic PT partners with you to offer personalized and compassionate care to get you back to the activities and lifestyle you enjoy.  



Offering comprehensive physical therapy for women of all ages and activity levels with bowel, bladder, sexual and pelvic symptoms. In collaboration with you, we will create a personalized physical therapy plan based on what is important to you.


Experienced in providing specialized care to men with bowel, bladder, and pelvic symptoms. Working together to personalize your physical therapy program based on your goals so that you may resume the activities you enjoy.


Evidence-based Physical Therapy and Medical Therapeutic Yoga are combined for a holistic approach to your care. MTY incorporates current evidence into Hatha yoga for optimal wellness and rehabilitation.

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