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Your path to freedom starts here!

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Freedom to exercise, work, and play!

Freedom to live with less or no pelvic pain!

Freedom to improve bladder and bowel control!

Freedom to enjoy pain-free sex!

Queen City Pelvic PT provides comprehensive, specialized  trauma-informed pelvic physical therapy to all! 

We address bowel and bladder symptoms, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction and also specialize in perinatal and post-partum care!

Pelvic health issues are common - but not normal - and not something you have to live with.  They can make us feel frustrated, confused, embarrassed or dismissed.  We end up suffering with symptoms for years, giving up things we love, taking medications to mask symptoms or undergoing unnecessary surgeries that don't fix the problem.

We want to help you find freedom again!

Read what folks are saying about their care!

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"Being referred to Ana Karim is the best thing that happened for me in my journey to learn to live with and manage my pelvic health concerns.    --S.D.

Queen City Pelvic PT is an out-of-network fee-for-service private practice.    We provide you with a superbill with all the codes necessary for you to submit an out-of-network claim to your insurance company for direct reimbursment. 

Comprehensive, personalized evaluation/initial visit is $195/60 minutes.

 Follow-up visits are $145/60 minutes.

4108 Park Road, Ste 406
Charlotte, NC 28205
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