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Aim for Dry!

One day a week I do contract work at a retirement community. The national organization that oversees this community has made pelvic health a priority for its residents. So many older individuals deal with incontinence and in a community such as this one, incontinence is often the turning point for moving from independent living to assisted-living or long term care. And those transitions can be so discouraging for residents. A few months ago I gave a talk at this community and shared that even though the prevalence of incontinence is higher among older individuals, it doesn't mean that we can't DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

With each of my new clients, I affirm them for taking the step to address their bladder and bowel issues because although I can't promise to totally eliminate their issues, I can promise to work toward doing so!

With education and instruction on how to find and use their pelvic floor muscles again and how to make some lifestyle changes (like drinking enough water, reducing caffeine, learning urge control strategies, managing constipation, just to name a few), they are often AMAZED!

--Amazed that they aren't leaking as much or not at all!

--Amazed that they aren't waking up 3 and 4 times a night to urinate!!

--Amazed that they are having good poops daily!

--Amazed that they can do Kegels even while playing cards with neighbors!!

--Amazed that they can go swimming, shopping, traveling, exercising again without fear or embarrassment!

--Amazed that even at THEIR AGE they can regain control of bowel and bladder issues!

A resident who attended the talk I gave recently left me this cute button I'm wearing in the picture! I love it and wear it now every time at this community. It's a good goal--Aim to be dry! No matter what age you are!!

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